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vitamin C skincare antiaging skincare

(Oil-free anti-aging vitamin C skincare, fortified with E)

Total defense against premature aging skin from inside out...
for all skin type
The front line defense, on the skin surface with
Bio-Skin Repair & oil-free Bio Zone
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    Beta-1,3-glucan stimulates immune system response of the Langerhans cells, with dendrites extended to the skin surface. When activated, these cells seek and destroy free radicals and other foregn hostile matters to the skin, protecting it from the harsh enviroment on daily basis.

    Aloe vera poccesses the unique property to in- crease cell growth in dam- aged tissue to promote self-healing.

    Beta-1,3-glucan and Aloe vera are the principal ingredients of Bio Zone and Bio-Skin Repair.

    Bio Zone / Elixir C - $64.80  Qty:
    Bio-Skin Repair / Elixir C - $75.80  Qty:

The base line of defense, beneath the skin with

    Water-soluble vitamin C plays an important role in many metabolic processes in the human body: biosynthesis of collagen, strengthening the immune system and asisting wound healing. It also lightens the skin to a clearer and fairer complexion! Vitamin C&E

    Oil-soluble vitamin E penetrates deep beneath the basal layer to protect cell membrance of the skin against damaging free radicals that cause lipid peroxidation ... scientifically acknowledged as the major function of the aging process in skin. Vitamin C + AHA

    For the very oily skin, , a hi-potency vitamin C serum with AHA may be a good alternative.

0.5 fl-oz @ $29.90

1fl-oz @ $36.90

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