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    A high potency serum of vitamin C&E. The alliance of these two powerful antioxidants produces a synergistic effect unequal to each of the individual vitamins. The benefits areas follows:

Malonyldialdehyde (MDA) is a breakdown product of lipid peroxidation, which cross-link collagen, losing elasticity of skin, a function of the aging process. Scientific experiments have been successfully conducted to demonstrate a significant decrease of MDA levels with the increase of vitamin E in vitamin C solutions tested.

Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis to achieve a healthier and supple face, improving to a more vibrant & youthful complexion, while vitamin E constantly hydrates the skin for a smoother, softer surface, reducing lines & wrinkles.

Repair UV Damage:
Vitamin C & E provide a powerful antioxidant system, working in synergy to scavenge free radicals generated in the skin by UV exposure. Their anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring properties constantly repair skin damage during and after sun exposure.

After vitamin E neutralized a free radical rendering it harmless, it turns itself into a tocopherol radical which is immediately converted back to tocopheral (vitamin E) by the reducing antioxidant (vitamin C), to continue scavenging free radicals and gradually oxidized to stable end products. This recycling of vitamin E by vitamin C is another example to demonstrate the synergistic power of the two that no single vitamin C or E can attain.

Lighter & Even Complexion:
Vitamin C can retards tyrosinase activities, a catalyst in melanin production, reducing the it to a colorless substance thus inhibiting the formation of freckles, darkening of skin & age (liver) spots. Vitamin Es scavenging of free radicals excited by UV irradiation further minimize localized darken areas. This results in a lighter, more even tone overall skin complexion.

Safer Skin Care:
On a cosmetic level, use of amines or amides in ingredients are common. The presence of nitrites can lead to formation of nitrosamines or nitrosamides, many of which are carcinogens. Combination of vitamin C & E are found to be highly effective in blocking such formation.

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What is vitamin C and its benefits for the skin?
Water soluble vitamin C is an organic substance found in citrus fruits, berries, tomato & leafy vegetables. The body, however, cannot synthesize the vitamin itself. With a body reservoir of 1,500 mg, to be shared with other metabolic processes of the human body, topical application is the most effective for the face and neck. It possesses properties required for the bio-synthesis of collagen, thus improving skin tone, firmness and elasticity. It has the ability to reduce the brown pigment, melanin, to a colorless substance, inhibiting the formation of freckles, age (liver) spots and possibly, pre-cancerous lesions such as melanomas. As an antioxidant, it neutralizes free radicals caused by sun exposure and other environmental insults, protecting against UV damage and speeding the healing process after exposure. These are the fundamental components of our modern day skin care concepts!

What is vitamin E and its benefits to the skin?
Oil or lipid-soluble vitamin E is found in wheat germ, soybeans, vegetable oil, leafy greens, enriched flour. This other powerful antioxidant vitamin has the ability to penetrate the lipid cell walls to protect against oxidation. Vitamin E was first discovered to be anti-aging in that it reduced MDA in the skin. Its ability to hydrate on the skin surface improves smoothness and softness, thus reducing facial fine lines & wrinkles. Its antioxidant properties is enhanced by vitamin C, which acts as its regenerator to continue scavenging free radicals ... again demonstrating the synergy of the two vitamins that no single

What is ?
combines a very stable vitamin C, in the form of over 10% L-ascorbic acid proteinized complex, with a proportional percentage vitamin E (tocopherals) and natural moisturizing factors (NMFs) such as squalane, NaPCA and hyaluronic acid in an aloe vera base. This synergistically formulated serum contains over 90% of essential antioxidants, probably among the highest in vitamin potency in the market. Unlike other high potency C-serum, it is very soothing to the skin. The serum is stable at acid pH level slightly below the acid mantle of the face. It is safe to be used anytime, day and night.

A few drops of is sufficient for the entire face. Use it on neck, hands and chest also, spreading evenly. Allow 1 to 2 minutes for total absorption. Once absorbed, the vitamin(s) remain bio-available in the skin tissue and cannot be rubbed, washed or sweated off for as long as three days, though the level may deplete at much faster rate. Apply daily, preferrably in the morning. Then proceed to your regular skin care treat-ments. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water.

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