Q:           What is Bio Skin Care?

A:         Bio Skin implies living, breathing, healthy & youthful skin. Skin care is no longer just moisturizing the skin surface or blocking damaging UV rays & other harsh environmental factors. To us, Bio Skin Care assists the process of self-healing and re-normalizes our skin to its youthful potential. Others consider this process as anti-aging. 

Q:         What kind of ingredients in Bio Skin Care that make it so unique?

A:         The active ingredients of Bio Skin creams, serums & lotions comprise of beta-1, 3-glucan /aloecomplex, hyaluronic acid and other natural moisturizing factors (NMFs) in a licorice phytosome delivery system that is beyond comparision in today’s natural skin care technology.

Q:         What is Beta Glucan?

A:         Found in barley, oats, seaweeds & certain plants, beta glucan has been the subject of interest as a natural immune booster with the ability to stimulate non-specific immunity.  Purified form of beta glucan from yeast cell walls, beta-1, 3-glucan, is, by far, the most active in stimulating the body’s immune system.

Q:         How does beta-1, 3-glucan assist our skin’s immune system?

A:        Langerhans cells are macrophages resident in the skin as part of our immune system.  On the surface of these macrophages,  researchers found readily available receptor sites to accept beta-1, 3-glucan to stimulate non-specific immunity against bacteria, fungi, viruses, tumor cells & foreign debris that are harmful to our skin … keeping  constant vigilance. 

Q:        What are the direct benefits of   beta-1, 3-glucan to our skin?

A:          Protected from harmful environment,  our skin allows itself time to go through the process of self-healing of micro-wounds from burns, melanomas, skin allergy, bacterial infection, etc., caused by accumulated effects of UV radiation, free-radicals & other foreign debris.  Slowly, the skin is re-normalized to its healthy, youthful potential.  

Q:        Why is  Bio Skin Care so different from other skin care products with 

A:           As much as beta-1, 3-glucan can stimulate the immune response of our skin, for topical application as a cream or a serum, it takes a  glucan/mannoprotein  (from aloe) complex to guarantee the structural integrity as well as an increase of the langerhans cells for long-term benefits to the skin.  This alliance solidifies our immune system,  protects and initiates self-heal and repair of the skin, slowly increasing collagen production.  Recognizing the importance of this glucan/manno-protein alliance,  Beauty Naturally successfully incorporates these ingredients with natural moisturizing factors in a licorice phytosome delivery system to create this unique Bio Skin Care product line for our discriminating clientile.   

Q:        Are they suited for all skin types?

A:        Yes,  including sensitive, oily and combination skin see
( Bio Skin Care Regimen).

Q:           Are they safe to use continuously?

A:            Yes!  Beauty Naturally products are formulated only with plant & herbal extracts as active ingredients,  safe, non-toxic with known no side effects.  The only skin maintenance system you’ll ever need!  Once the skin is normalized to its full youthful potential, the very same regimen can be your skin care routine for years beyond!


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