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Oily Skin, Problem Skin - Adult Acne and Teen Acne natural skin care


Adult Acne - Background

    Twenty percent (20%) of the adult population is afflicted by adult acne, most of them women. The incidence is increasing at an alarming rate. Modern-day job related stress, pollution, poor nutrition and bad cosmetics are among the major contributing factors.

    A common case of adult acne consists of blackheads and whiteheads, while others developed inflamed acne papules or pustules. Severe cases require proper medical attention. For the majority cases of mild acne, eventual healing may come naturally, but it will happen much sooner, consistently and with chances of non-recurrence using good sensible skin care. The people affected are considered to have "Oily and Problem Skin".

Over-the-Counter Acne Treatments Skin Care

    Acne treatments skin care currently available on the market are usually the over-the-counter acne products containing sulfur, resorcinol & benzyl peroxide, sold in drug stores that traditionally aim at the teen market. The main function is drying up the skin. Common complaints are side effects such as itching and blotchiness. The drying is also a major problem for adult. A dry outer layer of skin leads to easy creasing and formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Nature Heals ...with Some Assistance

    Researchers have been constantly looking for the most effective ways to combat common adult acne without succumbing to the annoying side effects.

    In France, a recent scientific study of an algae extract seemed to be an unique answer to the most direct causes of the oily skin problem: The Phlorogine Treatment Kit

    1. stops inflammation
    2. regulates oiliness
    3. moisturizes and purifies the skin

The Phlorogine Treatment

    A simple, preservative-free, non-intrusive regimen is devised by Beauty Naturally® for adult acne, people with oily and problem skin, called the Phlorogine Treatment.

    The Phlorogine Treatment Kit consists of:

    1. Phlorogine Treatment, a lotion-gel with the unique algae extract and our proprietary fruit acids complex to stop inflammation and regulate oiliness.
      Optional: Phloro Plus, for more presistent adult acne
    2. Purifying Cleanser, a soap-free, mildly acidic cleanser-moisturizer that kills bacteria effectively to prepare the skin surface before the application of the lotion-gel
    3. Fruit Acids Gel that facilitates smothering of the skin and promotes healing of lesion
    4. Jojoba Beads Scrub to smoothen scar tissue, once the lesion is healed
    5. Clarifying Toner to unclog pores as well as providing a protective & anti-microbial
The Phlorogine Treatment Kit   
(2-floz Phlorogine Treatment (optional 2-floz Phloro Plus), 2-floz Fruit Acids Gel,
4-floz Jojoba Bead Scurb & 4-loz Purifying Cleanser,
4-floz Clarifying Toner )
Please choose one desired Kit!

Set of 5 @ $92.50

For specific products and prices, see The Phlorogine Treatment Products

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoy your products. I have been using the acne treatment system for 2 months now and have never had such clear skin. I am 53 years old and am very sensitive to the traditional treatments. Your products are wonderful! Thanks.
Mary C. Philp       Syracuse, NY
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