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acne skin care, oily skin care, natural skin careacne skin care, oily skin care, natural skin careacne skin care, oily skin care, natural skin careacne skin care, oily skin care, natural skin care
The Phlorogine Treatment Systems
(for oily & problem skin, acne treatment)

Adult Acne - Background
for more Oily & Problem Skin info

Most common cases of adult acne consist of blackheads, whiteheads & occasional breakouts of mild acne, while a small number developed inflamed acne papules or pustules. Severe cases require proper medical attention. For the majority cases of mild acne, it can be controlled with good sensible skin care treatment. The people affected are considered to have oily & acne prone skin.

In the past, sulfur, resorcinol & salicylic acid were common for acne care. Newer treatments containing benzoyl peroxide are traditionally aimed at the teen market. Dryness, itchiness and blotchiness are often cited as side effects.

Popular TV informercials promoting acne skin care products containing 0.5% salicylic acid still do not address all the direct causes of the acneic skin disorder.

In France, a recent scientific study of an algae extract, named Phlorogine, has proven to give a complete solution to the most direct causes of this oily skin disorder. Laboratory testings and double-blind studies on groups of individual were treated with this algae extract with great success. The treatment is equally effective for women or men.

FAQs: - on Adult Acne

The Phlorogine Treatment Skin Care Systems

The oil & alcohol-free skin care treatment is formulated for adult acne by

Beauty Naturally, called the Phlorogine Skin Care System. The properties of the active ingredient, Phlorogine, combined with exfoliating fruit acids, anti-inflammatory & anti-lipasic agents are uniquely effective to control all the symptoms of this skin disorder:
    1) Purifying Cleanser for cleansing
    2) Clarifying Toner to condition the skin
    3) System A: Phlorogine Treatment for oily skin, black/whiteheads & mild acne
       System B: Phloro Plus for acneic skin with more frequent breakouts

The 3 steps are designed to control inflammation, oiliness & further eruption. Fruit Acids Gel & Jojoba Beads Scrub are for smoothening healed lesions and for generally improving skin appearance to a clearer & softer complexion, as post-treatments.

This skin care system is specifically aimed at controlling adult acne on all fronts:
     stops inflammation, regulates oiliness, purifies & moisturizes the skin.
The products can also be used individually or in combination. People affected usually have a personal feel for what system to continue and which product to use as a preventive measure, once the problem is under controlled.

Phlorogine Skin Care System A

  1. Phlorogine Treatment
    (for oily skin & occasional breakout of mild acne, an ideal moisturizer for people with black/white-heads on otherwise dry skin)

  2. Purifying Cleanser
  3. Clarifying Toner

 System-A Set @ $50.70

(includes free samples of
Fruit Acids Gel & Jojoba Beads Scrub)

system - A

system - B

Phlorogine Skin Care System B

  1. Phloro Plus
    (for the more persistent adult acne sufferers...)
  2. Purifying Cleanser

  3. Clarifying Toner 
System-B Set @ $50.70

(includes free samples of
Fruit Acids Gel & Jojoba Beads Scrub)

   These are definitely the best skin care products I have ever used. Being a more "mature" user, many of the acne products are not satisfactory, and dry my skin out too much. Thanks for such wonderful helps!
                                                        - D. M. Gelly - Altanta, GA. USA

Phlorogine Treatment

(2 fl oz @ $22.90)

(oil-free moisturizer for people with oily & acne-prone skin)
Phlorogine Treatment

This natural formula incorporates the active ingredient, Phlorogine, with fruit acids complex & capryloyl glycine to control oily skin, increasing the chance of non-recurrence of breakouts, while improving skin tone & complexion

This preservative-free lotion-gel is pH balanced & anti-microbial ...
an ideal oil-free moisturizer for people with black/white-heads, acne-prone but otherwise dry skin.

Phloro Plus
(2 fl oz @ $22.90)

(for adult acneic skin)

This lotion-gel takes to another level of controlling adult acne. It places equal emphasis in regulating the secretion of oil, fighting bacterial action, stopping inflammation and cleaning up the buildup of dead cell impactions.

The synergy of Phlorogine, fruit acids, salicylic acid, capryloyl glycine with natural moisturizers addresses the cause & control of adult acne on all fronts.

       Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoy your products. I have been using the acne treatment system for 2 months now and have never had such clear skin. I am 53 years old and am very sensitive to the traditional treatments. Your products are wonderful! Thanks.
          Mary C. Philp    Syracuse, NY

Purifying Cleanser
(4 fl oz @ $14.90)  

(cleanser for oily & acne-prone skin)

This cleanser is preservative-free, soap-free, pH balanced & water rinsible. Salicylic acid works deep into the pores to clean the debris of dead skin impaction and benzothonium chloride provides a germ-free environment for the above two products to do their work ... an ideal daily cleanser for people with oily & acne-prone skin

Clarifying Toner
( 4 fl oz @ $12.90 )

(botanical AHA/BHA skin conditioner)

Formulated for people with oily & acne-prone skin, the fragrance-free, non-alcoholic toner contains active ingredients that assist to unclog pores as well as providing a protective & anti-microbial environment for the skin to accept Phlorogine Treatment or Phloro Plus. A great toner to be used daily by itself, it leaves your skin balanced, clean and fresh all day.

Fruit Acids Gel (2 oz @ $20.90)
(natural exfoliating gel for skin smoothening)

This oil-free, preservative-free gel is formulated with pure, botanical AHA/BHA complex in an aloe solution, with herbal soothing agents.

Adult acne occurs when the sebaceous glands secrete excessive oil. This gel serves as a preventive measure to recurrence of acne, black/whiteheads & pimples. The purpose is to exfoliate dead cells to clear the pores and facilitate smoothening of the skin to a clearer & eventone complexion.

Jojoba Beads Scrub
     (4 oz @ $20.90)
  (non-aversive facial scrub)

A gentle alternative (not to say much more economical) to dermabrasion or laser resurfacing with healed lesion and lesser scars. Microspheres of jojoba ester are used to massage & polish the skin down to below the scar tissue, allowing the skin to grow back smooth again.

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